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Steps to a Positive Showing



This page describes the key steps to making for a positive showing of your property.

You only get one opportunity to make a good first impression, so you want to make it count. By following these guidelines, you’ll enhance the attractiveness of your property and reduce the time it

takes to generate serious offers.


First Impressions

How your property appears from the outside is

important. To make a good first impression on

a buyer, a clean driveway, a freshly mown

lawn or a trimmed hedge will work wonders.

Do a critical inspection of the exterior of your

property, paying special attention to the

condition of your windows, shutters, screens

and gutters. One of the first things a buyer will

notice is the need for painting. If your property

looks like it needs painting, many buyers will

form an unfavorable impression. Elsewhere,

little things count. Make sure the front door is

spotless, including the doorknob, and that the

windows gleam.


Cleanliness Counts

Once inside your property, one of the key

factors that influences its appeal to a buyer is

cleanliness. Most important is front hallway,

the kitchen and the bathrooms. Do a

room-by-room cleaning, and don’t forget any

out-of-sight areas because that’s often where a

discriminating buyer will look first.

The state of the carpets can also be a

determining factor. At the very least, have

your carpets cleaned, and if they are worn, it’s

wise to replace them, or remove them if there

is hardwood underneath.


Less is More

Clutter makes a poor impression. In closets,

cabinets, kitchen countertops and other storage

areas like basements, remove anything not needed

for daily housekeeping. To make each room in

your property look larger, get rid of or donate

unnecessary furniture. Walk through your property

and think: “Less is more.”



Make sure everything is in good working order.

Dripping faucets, squeaky steps and loose

doorknobs can easily create a bad impression and

reduce the value of your property. A few hours

spent on repairs, whether by yourself or a

tradesman, can pay big dividends when an offer is



Little Things Count

It’s easy to improve the appearance of any room.

You may want to replace worn rugs or small

pillows, put new towels in the bathroom or

brighten up a room with a vase of flowers.


Pull Together

Get all the members of your household to pull

together when it comes to getting – and keeping –

your property ready to view. By getting everyone

into the habit of spending a few minutes tidying up

every morning for an afternoon showing, you

improve your chances considerably.






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