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Tips for Our Clients on how to Prepare for a Showing


1.  Allow showings at the suggested time.


2.  Open draperies and window shades. Turn on lights in any poorly lit room.


3.  For an evening showing, turn on every light in the - especially in the bathrooms.


5.  Fresh flowers - in abundance - a fire in the fireplace on chilly days - sparkling bathrooms

     and kitchen - home aired and fresh - pets restricted for creating a pleasing first impression.


6.  Yard trimmed and watered.


7.  All jewelry, small valuables etc. should be stored in a safety deposit box  or a locked closet.


8.  If at all possible, try to step outside while your home is being shown (good time to walk

     puppy).    Let the agent show and sell your home.


9.  Let your agent know where your can be reached at all times.


10.  Remove and replace any items that will not convey.


11. All toilet seats and lids to be down when not in use.


12. Change furnace filters and again before the home inspection.